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When burning candles and/or wax melts, safety precautions should be observed before, during and after burning to prevent accidents occurring.
Do not leave a candle or wax burner unattended. The safest of wax burners can go alight at any point whether you use electrical or traditional wax burners. Buying candles, wax melts and wax burners from a reputable company which is CLP compliant and has appropriate insurance is important. When disposing of wax do not pour any of the wax down the drain. When the wax hardens it can block drainage systems.
Make sure the wax burners are placed on an even surface and away from drafts or ignition sources. Avoid moving the wax burner while the wax is hot. The wax used in our products has a melting point of around 40-55°C, lower than paraffin wax but could still cause injury if spilled.
We would advise that the best way to dispose of soy wax is to fill an empty container (or the candle container) with boiling water and let the water cool down as well as the wax. The wax will float to the top and will be easier and safer to remove. For further questions about wax melt or candle safety, email us at sales@lunarmelts.co.uk. We will do our best to advise you. We cannot take responsibility for damage caused by the misuse of our products.
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